Tidy Browser Button

Tidy Browser Button 0.1.6

Navigate Firefox at 800 or 1,024 page resolutions


  • One-click toggling
  • Auto-detection of page resolution


  • Only supports Firefox


This extension is great for anyone who wants to condense their browser to free up desktop space, as it allows you to toggle between pages of 800 pixels and 1024 pixels wide, which are the two standard web page resolutions. Once installed a new button is added tothe Firefox toolbar, making it dead easy to toggle between sizes with just one click.

Another good thing is that it will automatically detect the correct format and adjust the browser resolution accordingly. Although the add-on is currently only available as a Firefox extension it provides you with a great way of maximising screen space and is also useful for web designers who want to test their pages at different resolutions.

Tidy Browser Button is a toolbar button to toggle the size of the FireFox browser between the two standard web page sizes on the Internet. This extension is intended to help the user keep their desktop area tidier and more productive - just with one click!

Press the button once for a viewable area 800 pixels wide, and again for 1024 pixels wide. With both states, the browser height is re-sized to just below the current height of the OS desktop area. However, these defaults may changed by means of the extension's options panel.

The button must be added by the user once it has been installed by closing and restarting firefox, right clicking on the Firefox browser toolbar and selecting "Customise". The button will be one of those shown that can be dragged to anywhere on the toolbar.

This extension isn't designed for web developers who need to test their layouts at 800x600, etc (there's plenty of those elsewhere). Instead the focus is on end users who'd like to show just enough of the page they're currently reading, without it taking over the whole desktop.

Tidy Browser Button


Tidy Browser Button 0.1.6

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