Tidy Browser Button

Tidy Browser Button 0.1.6

Navigate Firefox with 800 or 1024 pixel widths


  • Very simple and works instantly
  • Button hides discreetly on toolbar


  • Not essential unless you need constant desktop access

Not bad

Firefox is a great browser but what happens if you want access to it and your desktop at the same time? Tidy Browser Button helps you achieve this by allowing you to change the resolution in just a few clicks. In this way, you can be more productive too by keeping your desktop tidier and more accessible according to the developers.

To get the 800 pixels width, just click the button once and twice for 1024 pixels. The browser height is re-sized to just below the current height of the OS desktop area but these defaults may be changed in the extension's options panel. Note that once installed, you must restart Firefox for the changes to take effect and install the button. You can then drag it anywhere you like on the toolbar.

The developers say that this extension is not aimed at those who want to test their designs at 800 x 600, but at end users who'd like to show just enough of the page they're currently reading, without it taking over the whole desktop. It's a pretty simple idea and works very well but unless you need contact access to your desktop, it's not exactly essential.

Tidy Browser Button is a toolbar button to toggle the size of the FireFox browser between the two standard web page sizes on the Internet.

This extension is intended to help the user keep their desktop area tidier and more productive in just with one click.

Tidy Browser Button


Tidy Browser Button 0.1.6

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